Layla Farnet

Layla is a two year old Golden Doodle, and she is also the best little assistant. She loves the dog park, walks, swimming, her monthly BarkBoxes and peanut butter! She's an absolute sweetheart and loves meeting new puppy and human friends!

Sydney Kennedy

Don't let her cute mug fool you! Sydney came straight off the streets of South Central LA using her swagger and skills to work up to Posh Pup in her new Austin home. When she's not riding shotgun to a new listing or open house, she's out working the job sites for Austins hottest remodels and flips.

Coco Copulos

Coco enjoys spending his days relaxing, sunbathing & playing with his brother Stewie.

Diego Gibson

Here is Diego Gibson - Diego is a 7 year old Maltipoo who loves to lounge around the house if he's not sitting on your lap, he's busy performing tricks for a treat!

Stewie Copulos

Stewie’s best summarized best by his Mom, Krystle. “I’m the boss of Coco & Stewie is the boss of me”

Lily Kalthoff

Lily, also known as Lilard, is a rambunctious 2 year old maltipoo! She loves to run around at the park, bark, and is a great napper. Tortilla chips and carrots are her favorite snack, but she isn't picky. She loves to lounge around, but is always the first one out the door to an activity. She might be small, but she sure doesn't act like it!

Layla & Chubbs

Layla & Chubbs Johnson- 5yr old Yorkshire Terriers (Yorkies) . Layla loves treats and going everywhere with her mom Demi. Chubbs enjoys long naps, and car rides. You can always find this tiny duo snuggled up in a comfy chair.

Geoffree Shimsk

Geoffree is a two year old GoldenDoodle. He is a giant teddy bear who is super sweet and loves to play fetch! His favorite toy is his yellow ball, and he will play fetch for hours! He loves to walk on the trails around downtown Austin and make new friends, especially his GoldenDoodle girlfriend, Layla, who is also a puppy of Platinum! He has two Aunts, Krystle and Jenn, who watch him when his daddy is out of town and he loves to have sleepovers at their houses! Sometimes he even hangs out with the team at Platinum Realty. He is super loving, laid back, and loves belly rubs!