Renee Kennedy


ADDRESS: 360 Nueces St. Ste. 40 Austin, TX 78701


Renee Kennedy has over 8 years of experience in the real estate industry from commercial, to residential to property management. Having moved over a dozen times before entering university, she can easily relate with her clients on the importance of truly finding the perfect real estate investment or next home that is best suited for them. Whether it is finding the next location for a client’s start-up or taking the extra time needed to assist in purchasing something as personal as one’s next home, Renee strives to offer the highest quality of service and representation to each individual she works with.

Renee’s real estate career began in Los Angeles, CA, in property management and client relations. She evolved this position and headed the leasing division for a luxury condo development in Marina del Rey. During her five year tenure there, Renee exceeded sales expectations for her employers, while equally holding the highest retention and client satisfaction rates for her team. Working with clients ranging from all walks of life, Renee thrives on actively engaging and getting to know her clients in order to give them the confidence in each real estate transaction.

In 2013, Renee moved to Austin, TX where she began her commercial real estate career with Parkway Properties, Inc. Since her arrival to the great state of Texas, Renee has been able to work with some of the top commercial brokers in the Central Business District and understand the ins and outs of structuring complex real estate contracts with downtown Austin’s top professional and technology companies.

Renee and her husband, Daniel, love traveling and enjoy visiting their family back in Australia and New Zealand. Renee graduated with a dual degree from Northern Arizona University where she also played 4 years of collegiate volleyball. Continuing her love of health and education, she is certified personal trainer through NASM and finishing up her credentials as a Nutrition and Wellness Consultant. Overall, she finds passion in meeting new people and helping them make the most out of life here in Austin, whether its finding a new home, getting involved in the active community or locating the perfect spot for their next business venture.