Nathan Curley


ADDRESS: 360 Nueces St. Ste. 40 Austin, TX 78701


Nathan was born in Austin and raised in Pflugerville his entire life, along with his three younger sisters. It’s a place that he loves to call home! Soccer is his favorite sport and he played it for over 11 years, then moved to football for the last three years in high school. He loves the team aspects of sports and helping people.

Growing up, his family instilled a hard-working mentality in him. During his later high school years, he worked at Chick-Fil-A then progressed to an IT Technician following graduation. During that time the gaming industry was booming, and he had a passion for it. Nathan started traveling to play in video game tournaments. While competing, he stopped working as an IT Technician and pursued a second job, next to gaming, at the Westin Hotel with White Lodging.” During his short time there, he was an IT Technician and Audio & Visual Specialist for the events team.

With so few hours in the day, he chose to stop competing in video games and pursue a different direction. He worked at the Westin for another year while taking business classes, executing high-level customer service while also learning the operations and finance side. With some college classes under his belt, he then pursued a career in real estate. He wanted to explore hospitality in a different way.

He strongly believes in serving clients and friends to the best of his ability. This is a very heavy, relational business, and that’s exactly how he treats it. Nathan personally takes care of his clients, friends, and family by providing the knowledge and service that exceeds their expectations. Send your referrals his way and he will take care of them!