Justin Hobson


ADDRESS: 360 Nueces St. Ste. 40 Austin, TX 78701


Justin Hobson has an extensive background in real estate, starting his real estate career in Las Vegas shortly after graduating from Gustavus Adolphus College, a small private college in Minnesota. He started his career with PMA, the leading condo conversion developer in Las Vegas. Justin was with PMA shortly after its inception and helped grow PMA to its peak sales of just under $1 Billion in 2005.

PMA was responsible for the development and sale of over 40% of the condos in Las Vegas in 2005. It was during this time that Justin started Investcor Inc., a real estate investment company, which today has grown into a very successful multi-million dollar privately-held company operating in Nevada, Arizona and Texas.

In addition to running Investcor, in 2006 Justin was hired to work with CityCenter, an $11 Billion dollar, 18 million sq. ft. mixed use development in Las Vegas. CityCenter is the most expensive and considered to be the most impressive privately funded mixed-use project in United States history. CityCenter was designed as a master planned city, a small city within itself, all built at the same time with approximately 6,000 workers onsite each day.

At CityCenter Justin was a crucial part of a very exclusive team of only 10 that combined sold a total of $1.6 Billion dollars in 14 months. He was responsible for personally selling $215,000,000 in less than a year, and was a direct result in creating the unstoppable synergy and success of the team.

In 2008, Justin left CityCenter for Austin, Texas in order to focus on Investors’ opportunities in real estate investment and development. At this time, he also decided to open up Platinum Realty. In a relatively short amount of time, Justin has grown Platinum Realty to be one of Austin’s leading real estate firms. His dream is to create a small, highly efficient brokerage that focuses on high value real estate in premier locations, while giving the clients an unprecedented level of service . By selectively hiring an elite group, based on the principles of integrity, leading market knowledge, positive attitude and high performance, he has created an excellent team that continuously helps affirm the strong brand and reputation of the company.

Platinum Realty is progressive in its marketing techniques, sales skills and market study and has certainly put itself on the radar as one of Austin’s leading real estate brokerage firms. Justin’s passion for his career is undeniable; he is truly a leader and visionary in the real estate industry.